Sending out the Call for Accordion Babes 2018 Art Submissions

Art submission deadline is june 26th, 2017

We’re excited to announce the call for new art for the 2018 Accordion Babes Pin-up Calendar.   The theme is “Calling All Muses”. Muses were the daughters of Zeus in ancient Greece, who inspired artists to have creative ideas. The world needs as many beautiful talented muses as it can get these days! So, think about how you like to get inspiration, or how you want to inspire other artists in your photo shoot this year. Of course, just being sexy with your accordion, and sending us a great recording for the album is already a great set of inspirations.

This year we’ve updated the Photo Guidelines to make them clear for photographers in countries which use the metric system. Also we have a new requirement that photos need to be submitted in 350 dpi. Lastly, we removed a lot of the photo guidelines about how to look the most sexy/most pin-up. If you want to have attitude, be tough, go for it. If you wanna be silly then be silly. Of course trying out your bedroom eyes or some sly smiles are great ideas in the pin-up world. You and your photographer should have the most possible freedom to get the sexiest and funnest photo possible. Use internet image searches to look at a bunch of classic pin-up poses, or check out our past calendars at the pin-up galleries, and start planning your photo shoot.

Here is the basic timeline for production:

Fundraising and pre-orders: May 15 – July 15

Art submissions deadline for photo and song: June 26

Deadline for release forms and credit information: June 26

Calendar editing and proofs: June 27-July 17

Print date: July 18

Calendar release date: August 22

Dates can change, so if you want to keep informed, please send an email request to editor{at} which says: Please put me on the Accordion Babes Art Submission email list. You do not have to pay any money to send in an art submission.

It is very, very important to read the Photo Guidelines here before you do your photo shoot because the photo requirements are very specific and there are changes from last year. Your song can be an original composition or a public domain song, no cover songs, and should be a high-quality recording. It can be in any style. We love it when you send in more than one option for music; because it’s always a challenge to fit so many diverse artists onto one album, and to keep a good flow. The album will be mastered all together so you can send mastered or unmastered audio.

If you’d like to order a current or back-issue calendar, they’re still available at the online store (see main menu).

Lastly, here’s a shout-out to the women from past editions of the calendar. Thank you for rocking this world! Your music and your soul make it a better place. To all you aspiring Accordion Babes, thanks for your interest, we’re really excited to see the next round of art submissions and to print the 2018 Accordion Babes Album & Pin-up Calendar. Woo-hoo!

– Renee and the Accordion Babes Creative Team