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accordion babes calendar
2015: The Year of the Accordion

In the 60's, when rock and roll hit the stages, and the sound of tube distortion became the sound of rebellion, the accordion became known as "that old squeezebox grandpa drags out every Christmas". It was the furthest thing from sexy, until now. After years of being bombarded with pixels and samples and mp3s, people are craving a real sound, with real soul. The accordions-- those living, breathing, sighing and laughing music boxes-- are coming out of grandpa's closet in style.

Here in the Accordion Babes 2015 Pin-Up Calendar, you can meet 12 of today's up-and-coming accordion stars in their sweetest, sexiest moments with the instruments they love, and hear their passionate music on the CD.

SPECIAL FEATURE: The new song "Wolves are Cool" with lyrics by Peter S. Beagle and music by the Rebel Lovers. This track is included on the Accordion Babes 2015 compilation CD.

Order a calendar:
2015 Accordion Babes Calendars are $20 plus shipping, CD included.

The Accordion Babes Creative Team
Creator/ Producer: Renée de la Prade
Calendar Cover drawing: Rosie Steffy
Graphic Design: Vicki Morawietz
CD Mastering: Mr. Toad's, San Francisco, California

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