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accordion babes calendar
The 6th edition of the Accordion Babes Album & Pin-Up Calendar
2014: The Philosophy of Sexy

Sexy isn't just an attitude it's an art form. It's a smear of passion on the dull gray concrete wall of existence. It's a philosophy, an expression of our primal values as living beings, articulated differently in every man and woman. This year, the Accordion Babes were asked to reach deep down and grapple the ember of sexy in their souls and they did it. In the 2014 Accordion Babes Album & Pin-Up Calendar, we present the luscious, heightened essences of 12 accordionist women and their squeezeboxes. Our production is multi-sensual, you will enjoy a CD as well as a Pin-Up Calendar.

Order a calendar:
2014 Accordion Babes Calendars are $15 plus shipping, CD included.

If you'd like to arrange for pay-by-check, or to inquire about wholesale calendar rates for 10+ copies, please send an email to: [email protected]

The Accordion Babes Creative Team
Creator/ Producer: Renée de la Prade
Calendar Cover drawing: Rosie Steffy
Graphic Design: Vicki Morawietz
CD Mastering: Mr. Toad's, San Francisco, California

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